Sunday, October 19, 2008


How do we change.. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in blink of an eye. It happens gradually. It happens constantly. Every second that passes by changes you, for better or for worse. The change is inevitable. I am not resisting it nor denying it. It just astonishes me when I realize how much I have changed (I am not going to say “grown”) over time.

The catalyst that made me think about this overly-discussed-n-contemplated and timeworn topic was some journal entry I wrote when I was in 15, that had survived the overbearing changes in my cupboard, plus the entire shifting process to Bangalore and had managed to catch a glimpse of my eye exactly five minutes before. It was like, a 15 year old girl was standing in front me and I was looking her right in her eyes. She seemed strangely familiar but distant…..

Friday, August 29, 2008

THE happening day

It started like any other day. Usual routine stuff, getting up to buzzing alarm, getting ready, waiting for the cab, discussion on ‘Elite’ group concept in the cab etc,etc.. until our driver stopped on the Intermediate Ring Road because of some weird sound. We stopped to see what had caused it. Within no time we figured out it was a wrath of a nail, which had protruded into one of our cab’s wheels. Ok, tier was punctured :|

So we got down and a photo session started in the middle of the road. We did typical ‘things’ like giggling, fake posing, ‘shendi lavana’, taking video when the people in front you aren’t aware of it…

Fortunately, there was another cab behind us. And the fact that Rajeev had brought bike that day, all of us could get in that cab. We had to “adjust” a little bit, but it was nice.. Then it was a time for another photo session, which led to the fight- Team Sukahanand VS Team Girish (These are names of our drivers). By the time we reached Aprameyah(our off-campus training centre) it was 915. We were LATE. But to our surprise, we found the facility locked and all the staff members n rest of the students(should I say “fellow employees”???) were waiting outside staring at a tiny lock on the gate. We had some time to spare, so all of us, all 28 of us went to have breakfast at A2B. And A2B's record for "the least time taken to finish a bowl of 'Shira'" was broken by Shishir(or Shirish??) in front of our very own eyes. .

After taking our sweet little time and little bit frolicking around, we reached back to Aprameyah. And it was still locked. So we broke n entered!

Then we got the good news, no the best news that any trainee could ever get..We had an afternoon off(It was Wednesday). Being as time efficient as we always are, we immediately made a plan for a movie. We had a quick lunch, which Mandar almost toppled over my plate when he was trying to pick up a piece of cucumber off the floor. Things were happening all over the place!!

Around 1300 hours, we were all set. We had called the cab driver early n we were off to Forum. Veeresh had brought his bike. So after what is called “riding the bike”, he was waiting at the signal. And there she(he) was! She came near, it was plea for attention but Veeresh refused to pay attention. So it drove her mad, so she punched him. Before he could realize what was happening, another one came and another one…Then came policeman to rescue!

After watching Veeresh being hit on(pun intended), we bought the tickets for Kung Fu Panda(I know, about time!!) It was one of the best animated movies ever! Then we went to MacD to complete the tradition of doing tp after the movie. After causing hell of a turmoil over the small table they had provided us and spilling coke al over the floor and similar such tiny thing, we headed for home with big smiles on our faces :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everyone advised me to breathe when time is against you, but noone told me to do anything when time tends to cease around you!

(yeah, I am back to classroom training!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Return

Its been a long hiatus…almost a month. Now that I don’t have things that I am “suppose to” do, I like doing things, rather than thinking about them. There is no time to sit n contemplate about stuff n put it in words...

Even though I have started this with the title ‘The Return’, I have absolutely no clue about what to write. May be that’s what I am returning to-sitting in front of comp with the zeal to write something profound or at the very least something meaningful, but not knowing what to write and where to start. I can’t remember how many times I started like this and ended up writing so much crap over the last year. Yeah, its been an entire year. It seems it was yesterday when I was writing 'something stupid’..It’s been a great journey since then. Cheers :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Universe, Time travel and me

“Universe has a way of course correcting to preserve something that is meant to happen in the future.”
When I read this for the first time I didn’t really buy this time travel theory. Just the idea that our future is ordained by the destiny or it is pre-defined is something like having a blind belief that God exists or believing if one goes to shani mandir every Saturday he will never ever flunk. I used to like the theory which says “history is the sum of all time-travels”. It may be because; I wanna believe that I everythin I do has an impact in one way or the other, whatever I am doing is not completely futile…

But my beliefs were shaken because of a recent incident….

Every-time I used to open the book, the electricity bailed! This has happened way too many times(5 times-to-be-exact) in this week.One more interesting observation: The electricity goes only on the day before my exam.
5 times in 3 days(that too in time period ‘10pm to 2 am’ during which I study) makes it way more than random coincidence.
May be, I am not suppose to study…

May be, Universe really has a way of course correcting to preserve something that is meant to happen.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its almost 2am.. Exactly 12 hours remaining for my EM paper.. And I have barely started studying. I am in a mood to do anything but reading the pointless things(which should have been covered in FY syllabus) from a book by Helfric and Cooper.

On a very irrelevant(or not!) note: I love day-dreaming :D
and pencil shading...
and listening to The Beatles...
and blogging...
and talking on the phone...
and aimless surfing...
and (I think I am forgetting few things! The list isn't suppose to be this small!! )

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It all started with Extras...

Every episode used to end on a mystic note...
"Bring tea for the Tillerman
Steak for the sun
Wine for the woman who made the rain come
Seagulls sing your hearts away
'Cause while the sinners sin, the children play

Oh Lord how they play and play
For that happy day, for that happy day"

and now I obsessed with a guy then known as Cat Stevens....